Lily and Derek Kucy

“Homes by Tricolor has constructed two homes for my wife and I. The owner, Dennis, is highly professional and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. He is highly committed and takes the time to consult and to explicitly discuss options and or alternative measures . He is very progressive in keeping up with the latest technology and products. He is extremely detailed oriented and ensures that the customer is well aware as to the status of the home at all times. Over and above, Dennis has strong interpersonal skills, is passionate and takes pride in his work. Dennis exceeded our expectations! The home he constructed for us is beyond measure. Thanks Dennis for our forever home and another great build!”

Tara Proskiw

“Dennis and his team have been working with our company for 8 years. He is a wonderful trade partner, his workmanship is excellent and his customers are always taken care of. We love working with Dennis and Homes by Tricolor!”

Ken Johnston

“Sounds corny but it is true – When you deal with Homes by Tricolor, you are treated like family, probably better in many cases. Denis and Tony helped to save our basement from severe flooding and with the ensuing renovations. They are very patient people and never made me feel indecisive despite the fact that we are. I doubt there are many firms in the entire country that are genial and comfortable and just plain nice. Also, they explain everything in as much or as little detail as you want and all those details are laid out in an organized and thorough fashion. Everyone there is super professional. They are a treasure.”

John and Janet S.

“Homes by Tricolor renovated our home.  We are very pleased with the service and are happy to recommend them to others”

St. Thomas More Parish Council

“Mr. Saccomani!

Parish Pastoral Council from St. Thomas More want to extend a gracious thank you for your donation of your time and labour in the renovations of the altar. It is people like you that help us to achieve our goals! Thank you!”

Trent Dusang and Louise Haley

“So you have decided to take the plunge and do a kitchen reno. And you want to have it done with as little stress as possible. (ie no divorce)

We were lucky in that we had worked with Homes By Tricolor in the past and have not been disappointed. Did it go perfectly? Sorry nothing ever does and I challenge anyone to say that a kitchen reno would be “easy”.

We were aware of Dennis’ work ethic and how he partnered with us. Over 3 separate reno’s (are we nuts?!!), we learned that we can challenge him, trust him and that he hires people who will listen and pay attention to detail.

This last part is important. If he is not happy with the drywall, he will address it. He holds the bar high and he expects his trades to do the same.

We chose to stay in the house while the reno was being done. Dennis made sure that the trades were respectful of our space and privacy.

We have talked to many others who have done a reno and hear about their “nightmares”. We never felt that. We did have times where it wasn’t moving fast enough for us. But when we talked to him he stayed calm and moved forward with us.

We learned that if you are looking for quality it takes time. You can have it tomorrow but it won’t necessarily be great. You can’t have both. Patience is a virtue when quality matters.

We have come to know the names of his crew including Geoff, Amanda, Brad, Cam, Bruce, Mark to name a few. And we learned that when we talk to them, they would feel free to make suggestions. And that they worked comfortably with Dennis.

Dennis has been inspiring and has acquired amazing experience over the years. He and his team guided our kitchen reno without the need of a planner which speaks to his expertise.

Thanks Dennis.”

Richard and Alana Lee

“I wanted a house in a mature neighborhood that was custom designed, By-Law compliant, technologically sophisticated, ecologically efficient, ergonomically attentive, solid-structured, well built, reasonably priced, and aesthetically iconic. After a referral from a co-worker, I hired Dennis  of Homes by Tricolor to attempt this (somewhat unreasonable) task. Wow! I can’t believe he pulled it off! He was able to predict design flaws in my high priced architects’ blueprints and was able to correct them during the construction phase. His practical knowledge of home building allowed him to quickly adjust and modify the blueprints to eliminate minor or potential flaws to avoid later long term issues such as attic or foundation water leaks. He is very trustworthy, and I recommend him without hesitation. If you want to see the house he built for me, google 8902-117 st NW”

Don Schultz and Jean Hamilton

“HBT Homes by Tricolor completed a major renovation to our older home in Central Edmonton. The renovation was a significant interior and exterior renovation including an addition, new roof and roof line, removal of exterior stucco, reinstallation of exterior insulation, new siding and  windows. Dennis also waterproofed the home with new weeping tile and foundation water proofing .Interior was re designed with new flooring, fireplaces, painting and decorating and building a new family room. Common with many renovation projects of older homes, Dennis faced a number of challenges. These challenges were handled in a professional and prompt manner. Dennis maintained on going communication and was on site daily supporting his team.

The project was brought to a successful conclusion in a timely fashion and our “new” home is exactly as we had envisioned it!”

Lawrence Richer and Klara Vigen

“We have hired Homes by Tricolor on multiple occasions over the last 10 years and are always extremely happy with the final product. Denis treats your home like it’s his- he is professional, trustworthy and one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. Wouldn’t hesitate to hire HBT again…in fact, we’re already contemplating our next project”

Wayne and Lana Pollard

“After several months of thinking and planning a complete main floor and kitchen Reno, we made a huge decision to go for it. Since we had no idea how to start the process, we went to the BBB site and looked up the best kitchen Reno companies. The company we chose recommended Homes by Tricolor to be the contractor. We met with Dennis several times and answered all his questions plus told him what we wanted to change and add in our home. He absolutely listened to everything we wanted and made some suggestions we never thought about. For the first month we were away so Dennis sent us pictures of the demolition and kept us informed of any problems that came up. We noticed that Dennis and his team were very tidy workers, there was never a mess left, it was cleaned up every day. He always consulted with us before any work was done and kept us up to date at all times. After two months we were back into our home and it looks awesome!  We would absolutely recommend Homes by Tricolor to anyone planning on a home Reno or building a new home, they are very reliable, honest and so easy to work with. We trusted any suggestion they made.  Their work is amazing and they don’t cut corners. Dennis and his crew were fun to work with and we definitely hope to work with them again.”

Maurice Fritze

“Homes By Tricolor built a custom home for us that is comfortable, modern, environmentally friendly and attractive. We enjoyed a strong relationship with the owner and the trades, all of whom were eager to please our finicky tastes. We tried some new ideas in storage, the kitchen and ensuite, all of which were accommodated and built to our standards. If you are planning a home, we recommend talking to Dennis. He is personable, takes time to understand your design ideas and has a wealth of experience to share.”

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