We are a participating contractor in Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Home Energy Plan and Home Improvement Rebates Program

  • Hire us to install eligible windows, insulation, tankless hot water heaters, boilers and furnaces and you can receive rebates that make the upgrade much more affordable.
  • Installing these kinds of energy-efficient products will also save you money every day in energy costs.
  • We’ll work with you to complete your Home Energy Evaluations and plan your renovations, tell you how much you’ll receive back in rebates, and even submit the paperwork. Energy Efficiency Alberta will mail the cheque directly to you!
  • In addition to this program, Energy Efficiency Alberta offers a full suite of programs to assist Albertans in making their homes and businesses more energy efficient.
  • Investing in windows, insulation, tank-less hot water heaters, boilers and furnaces will save you money every month on your energy bills.

Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Home Energy plan offers greater rebates and more upgrade options, including all the great products found in our Home Improvement Rebates program, with even more, like furnaces, boilers, window glazing/inserts and skylights. Below are a few examples of the benefits:

  • $500 minimum rebate for boiler and furnace upgrades
  • $1,000 bonus rebate when you complete three or more upgrades to your home
  • $300 rebate toward your Home Energy Evaluation
  • The City of Edmonton is currently offering an additional incentive to Home Energy Plan participants of $12.50/GJ of energy saved toward the cost of installing approved energy efficient measures. There are also additional rebates for furnaces and Home Energy Evaluations. Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Home Improvement Rebates program also offers smaller rebates on the following items:
  • Up to $500 on Drain Water Heat Recovery
  • Up to $3,500 on Insulation
  • Up to $1,500 on Windows
  • Up to $1000 on Hot Water Heaters

To learn more about these programs, please visit Energy Efficiency Alberta’s website, at www.efficiencyalberta.ca or contact the HBT team today!