Smart Home Renovations Fit for the 21st Century

The internet has always had amazing capabilities, but it’s only recently that we’ve dug into using the internet to control our physical environment. 

Technology that impacts our houses is called smart home technology. Smart homes are being designed to help people live more comfortably and efficiently. Smart home systems can help you save money on utilities, control your home while you’re away or renting it, and improve security and comfort.

With the right smart home system, controlling your garage door, temperature, window shades, lights, and security systems can all be done remotely through an app. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can be in full command of your home. 

Switch to Home Automation

If you’ve ever watched The Jetsons, you know technology can help us with some really neat everyday tasks. However, it’s not futuristic technology anymore. Plenty of automation systems are already out there and they’re improving quickly. 

These are a few of the top smart home devices we’ve seen clients incorporating into their homes during a build or renovation. 

Smart Lighting

Motion-sensor, timed, or auto on/off light switches are a simple and affordable upgrade to make. You might not want them in every room of your house, but a few strategically placed auto-lights can help you stay hands-free when you need to. Plus it will save you money on electricity each month. 

A few good locations for motion sensing lights are: 

  • In the laundry room
  • In your entryway
  • In front of your garage

Outdoors, timed lights can be nice for lighting your walkways and paths. 

Upgrading to LED lighting can also give you more control over the colour, quality, and timing of your light bulbs. We’ve been seeing a lot of smart LED lighting under cabinets, in ceiling overhangs, and as backlighting or feature lighting in homes. LED ropes often come with remotes for controlling the timing and colour of lighting systems.

Smart Home Systems 

When we help people design a smart home, we always ask about your existing technology. Typically, different features of a home system will come from different providers. However, there are some great integrations with automated home systems like Google Home/Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the Wink Hub. Currently, Google Assistant is probably one of the top choices for voice-controlled smart home systems out there. 

Smart Thermostats

Installing a smart thermostat can help you manage your home’s temperature when you’re not there. In fact, you can even link your phone to the system so it knows when you’re not there and automatically turns the heat or cooling system down. Brands like Nest and Ecobee are popular, but be sure to ask your renovator or contractor about the best options for your current system and technology. 

Security Systems 

Home security systems are getting smarter, and it’s about time. When your security alarm goes off while you’re at work, there’s not much you can do about it. 

New smart home security systems are connected to an app that allows you to see what’s going on through security cameras. You can even control what’s happening and respond to an attempted entry. This helps keep your home safer, but it can also allow a bit more flexibility, so the cops don’t have to show up when your son forgets his key and opens a back door to get in. 

Building Smarter Homes, Building Better Lives

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