4 Popular Custom Home Floor Plans in Edmonton for 2020 

Edmonton has always had great diversity in its home styles. There are the detailed “arts and crafts” style homes of Glenora and Old Strathcona, and the imposing foursquare homes of the early 1910s. 

Many of these character homes have survived in Edmonton’s older neighbourhoods, and restoring them to their former glory is always a pleasure for the Homes by Tricolor team. 

But nothing lasts forever. As time marches on, so does custom home building in Edmonton. Some of the homes that can no longer be saved by renovations are being used to create infill housing. The new homes going up in their place are being built in contemporary styles that reflect modern values. They’re eco-friendly, they save space, and they’re economical for new families.  


Whether you’re building your dream home or an investment property in Edmonton, chances are good that you’ve considered dividing a lot and creating two side-by-side homes. 

Skinnies are the ultimate economical option for custom homebuilding. And although the configuration of these spaces is different than what a typical full lot offers, their floor plans still offer a great amount of flexibility if you work closely with a qualified custom home builder. The interior and exterior of most skinny homes offer modern aesthetics and unique architectural designs.


A far cry from the boxy, symmetrical duplexes of the last century, contemporary duplexes offer a layered look that appears as a single-family dwelling. Side-by-side continues to be the most popular floor plan layout, but in high-density areas, we have seen some stacked duplexes being developed. They can be built as mirror images, or you can choose to customize each unit. 


It might seem surprising that the bungalows of our parents’ past are still in style, but many homebuyers in the modern era still love the simplicity of these floor plans. A single floor of living space with a finished basement offers convenience, separate areas for families as they grow and change, and economical use of space. 


Two-storey houses are still the most popular home design in Edmonton right now. Many new families and couples seeking a two-storey plan choose a design with an unfinished basement that allows for future development. Green technology and sustainable building materials are usually a priority, especially for larger floor plans where there will be a greater energy draw in the summer and winter months. 

Edmonton Home Builders for Your Next Home in Edmonton

If you’re looking for stylish floor plans with a smooth home building experience, get in touch with the experts at Homes by Tricolor for a consultation. We’d be happy to walk you through the building process and give you a few ideas for your new home.