4 Reasons to Build Skinny Homes in Edmonton in 2020

As Edmonton continues to grow, so does the custom home building landscape. In the past, Edmonton’s infill homes have been designed as single-family layouts, but more and more, we’re seeing side-by-side skinny homes pop up in the city’s mature neighbourhoods. 

What is a Skinny Home?

A skinny home is a two-storey layout that allows for a single 50-foot lot to contain two side-by-side homes. The total width of each skinny home is typically 17 feet, offering a main floor as well as a second-floor living space. But don’t let the slim exterior fool you. These skinny homes are chock-full of potential and bring new life to Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods.

There are a few reasons why this modern trend is taking over Edmonton’s infill landscape. Let’s look at why more and more buyers and builders are “going skinny.”

  • They’re the Most Economical Infill Homes

Homeowners looking for affordability in a brand-new house often look to skinny homes for inspiration because they offer the best of both worlds. New homeowners can have beautiful, brand-new homes built to their desired taste, while earning additional income from the sale or rental of a second unit.

Although they still double the usage of a single lot, skinny homes offer more privacy than duplexes and townhomes, which is why young families find these urbanage homes so appealing. 

  • They Make Excellent Investment Properties

Many homeowners choose to create skinny homes to make their single lots more profitable. In some cases, homeowners will live in one unit while renting out the other, bringing in significant income to offset the costs of ownership. In other cases, property owners will double their rental income potential by renting out both homes on a single lot. 

In a recent project we completed in Bonnie Doon, each skinny home was designed with a fully compliant basement suite to further increase the rental income potential. 

  • They Offer Flexible, Custom Built Floor Plans 

Skinny homes offer great customization options for new buyers. Like most other two-story floor plans, infill homes often offer an open concept living room and kitchen on the main floor, with bedrooms and private living space on the second floor. 

Many skinny home floor plans can even accommodate the same or greater square footage than the bungalows they’re replacing, doubling the usable space on a single lot. Tall ceilings and open concept designs can easily make these narrow spaces seem bright, wide, and open despite being so slim. 

  • They Make Older Neighbourhoods More Enticing

Quiet, tree-lined neighbourhoods near the river valley are desirable for growing families, but the aging homes in these areas often require infill projects as opposed to expensive (and extensive) renovations. For those looking for real estate opportunities in areas like Glenora and Inglewood, skinny homes are often an ideal choice as they put a contemporary twist on the traditional family home vibes in Edmonton’s older communities.

Find Out if Custom Skinny Homes Are Right for You

If you’re looking for a high-quality, custom-built home in Edmonton, let’s have a quick conversation about skinny homes to see if this innovative housing trend is the right fit for you. Our building experts understand the unique infill landscape in Edmonton and would be happy to share their knowledge with you no matter what your budget and vision might be.