Why Do AB Building Codes Matter for Your Home Renovations?

Building Codes Matter to Us – And They Should Matter to You, Too

In the construction industry, building codes govern the way we work. It’s similar to the way there are guidelines for lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to follow in their day-to-day. For us, provincial building codes lay out a clear set of standards. This makes sure certain minimums are met when contractors construct or modify homes. 

At Homes by Tricolor, understanding and following the Alberta Building Code and the National Energy Code isn’t just about meeting minimums. It’s our goal to create homes that are as safe, functional, cost-effective, and energy-efficient as possible. Providing spaces where people can feel comfortable and live their best lives is the best reason to follow the code.

What’s The Big Deal When it Comes to Building Codes?

Codes and standards protect everyone, from contractors and workers to homeowners and tenants. But that protection goes much further than the circle of people working on or using buildings. National and provincial building codes also work to protect the environment, the interests of communities, and our values as a society. 

When you think about the impact of putting up a new building, you quickly realize why setting standards is important. If codes and rules didn’t exist, anyone could put a building up anywhere. It wouldn’t matter what it looked like, what its function was, or whether it was safe. The residential and commercial spaces we enter wouldn’t be guaranteed to follow fire codes and other rules that keep us safe from accidents, harmful emissions, and major health concerns. 

Which Codes are in Effect in Alberta?

Building codes are updated as changes in the industry occur. These changes could include construction practices, materials, technology, values, and equipment. In Alberta, building codes are updated every 7-15 years. There are currently two sets of standards governing building practices in Alberta: 

  • Alberta Building Code 2014
  • National Energy Code for Buildings 2011

The National Energy Code is a code of Canada that came into effect to help create more energy-efficient homes nation-wide. Alberta chose to adopt the National Energy Code on November 1, 2015.

A Home Built to Code is a Home Built to Last & Save Money

The more projects you work on, the more you understand the importance of building codes. It’s really about connecting people to the space where they live, work, and relax.

We’ve worked on homes where accessibility for people with disabilities was a major concern. The codes helped ensure functionality for people with different needs. We’ve also helped people update their older model homes with more lasting and energy-efficient materials.

Do Contractors in Edmonton Need to Follow Codes for Renovation Projects?

It’s obvious that new and custom homes need to be built to the standards. But even house renovations also need to be considered from a regulation perspective. When previous renovations or construction wasn’t completed to code, there’s often a danger for the people living in the home – and to us as we’re working on fixing the issues. 

It isn’t always about fixing mistakes, though. Building codes are constantly updated as new materials, technology, and methods are under development in the industry. Sometimes the main goal of a renovation project is to bring the house up to modern standards so owners can get more longevity from their investment and live more comfortably.

An Edmonton Renovation Company You Can Trust

It’s always good to know upfront that you’re working with a renovation company that understands and follows codes. Before you pay a deposit with an Edmonton contractor, be sure to ask about codes and standards they follow. 

If you’re considering a home improvement or a custom home build in Alberta, seek out a contractor with great reviews. You can also look for a contractor associated with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Feel free to get in touch with our home-building experts any time with questions about codes and building standards in Alberta.